Sunday, May 1, 2011

Transportation Instructions for Filming

Attention Group Members and Teachers

We are moving our Education/ Support group to the Research Administration Building also known as the RAB building. This will be the new location for the next 13 groups beginning May 5, 2011. It will be for the purpose of filming and once that project is completed we will move back to our regular room. It is close to the Hospital but there is no parking near. You will need to valet park and catch the yellow campus van. It stops directly across from the hospital at 8:40 AM and 9AM. The valet parking staff will be happy to show you the stop. Thanks to the kindness of transportation services they will also make a separate trip to pick us up at 11:30AM.

This room is a lighter room with better acoustics and we were fortunate to get it. The door will close at 9:40 AM and the door will be marked “Filming in progress”. We will try to have some bottled water handy. This is very exciting as we hope to have the May filming on the blog at the end of May and add the new ones each month. Editing permitting.

See you in the movies!!!!! Susan


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