Friday, September 24, 2010

News and Notes

Hi all,
 It's been a while since I have written more than a new class schedule. Tons of things have been going on this summer and since fall is here, we should get caught up.

Let's see... the blog is under a current remodeling. Per request of some of the users, the education session recaps have been placed in their own pages. Since they are repetitive by nature, there is no need to re post over and over. Now, click on the name of the session listed across the top of the home page, and you will be taken to a "page" dedicated to the specific topic. Updates will be done as materials change.

Our wonderful support program "THE TRANSPLANT BUDDY PROGRAM" will be presented at the National Conference of Transplant Social Workers (I think) in October by our own Susan Gleason and Connie Jo Campbell. Susan and Connie put together information and slides throughout the summer months. The final version was sent to Atlanta just last week. They both are very excited to have this opportunity to share a great program, which they and others have been developing over the years, with peers all across the country. Many thanks go out to all volunteers and professionals who have brought us to this point. Make us proud in Atlanta Susan and Connie!!!

Transplant Buddy Foundation- Lots happening here too. Concerts and Quilts event at Libby Gardner Hall is tomorrow, 9/25/10. Volunteers and others have been gathering quilts and other handmade goods for auction and sale at the event. We have a full schedule of 5 recitals starting at 10am and lasting all day. More to come post event when the proceeds have been counted. Thanx to all involved.

More later...
Be good to each other,
  Tin Man