Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Friends of the Foundation

Hi all,
 You may have noticed that there is a new section down the right side of the blog. That is the Friends of the Foundation section. I created this to support those who have made donations to the help raise funds for the Transplant Buddy Foundation. The group so far is a collection of very talented and generous artisans who donated their works. Keep an eye out for new members as the friend list grows!!!!
 Be good to each other,
      Tin Man

Oh WHat a Day

Not only does prince William get engaged, but the video camera came today. Now we can proceed with the plan to get our sessions on the web. WOOHOO!!!!
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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Craft Bazaar in Boise

SuperValu home office in Boise Idaho recently (10/25 -10/29) held a craft bazaar. The Transplant Buddy Foundation jumped on the opportunity to fundraise and displayed many of the craft items volunteers have donated over the past 2 years. Items included Christmas ornaments knitted and crocheted items and even a few quilts. (pictures below) Not the screaming success we had hoped for but we did raise $240 in the 8.5 hours of selling time during the week. Another fair is being held this coming weekend. A 1 day sale for 6 hours in Boise. We plan on displaying again in hopes of adding to that $240!!!! Wish me luck!
 Be good to each other,
   Tin Man

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Somewhere in Atlanta…

Do you know where your transplant social worker is? Well, if it's Susan Gleason or Connie Jo Campbell then the answer is somewhere in Atlanta, Georgia. The pair are attending the 25th Annual International Conference of the Society for Transplant Social Workers. Susan and Connie Jo will be presenting our Transplant Buddy process to the conference, sharing our exceptional methods so others may benefit from what we, and those before us, have developed. We should all send prayers and good thoughts their way on Thursday morning- 11am Eastern time. That is when they will be presenting. More to come after they get back!!!!!!!

Be good to each other,

Tin Man

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Concerts and Quilts

Keeping Miracles Alive!!!

That is the motto of the Transplant Buddy Foundation. On September 25th the foundation held this year's premier event, Concerts and Quilts, at Libby Gardner Hall. It was a great success as over 100 students and teachers from the Utah Music Teachers Association were able to perform at this beautiful venue. Students brought family and friends to the event as supporters and proudly took the stage to rousing ovations. Ticket sales brought in a great deal of money for the foundation. A great deal of thanks goes to Mary and Kirk Baggaley. Their efforts played a critical role in the organization of the concert. Additional thanks go out to all the members of the Utah Music Teachers Association for a wonderful day of music.

Meanwhile, out in the lobby, several volunteers arrived well before the event to set up and display the many quilts and other donated items for silent auction. Also available were door prizes including theater tickets and ski passes which would be won by lucky patrons who donated $1 per chance. Intermountain Donor Services was present to raise awareness and help get folks registered as organ donors. Browsing was brisk between performances and many items were sold by the end of the evening.

The evening performances featured some professional musicians. Rosalie Macmillan, an internationally acclaimed violinist, played with a collection of local players named the Salt Lake Soloists. It was a captivating performance that was enjoyed by all that remained. Following Rosalie was a local composer and pianist named Michael Hicks. His brother joined him for one of his songs on the oboe. Also a very enjoyable performance. The Foundation would like to thank all of the performers who donated their time and shared their wonderful talents to assist in our fundraising efforts.

Below are a slide show of some photos I took and links to some videos of Rosalie at the event. Hopefully there will be many more pics to come from parents and families.




More videos of Rosalie can be found at youtube.

Friday, September 24, 2010

News and Notes

Hi all,
 It's been a while since I have written more than a new class schedule. Tons of things have been going on this summer and since fall is here, we should get caught up.

Let's see... the blog is under a current remodeling. Per request of some of the users, the education session recaps have been placed in their own pages. Since they are repetitive by nature, there is no need to re post over and over. Now, click on the name of the session listed across the top of the home page, and you will be taken to a "page" dedicated to the specific topic. Updates will be done as materials change.

Our wonderful support program "THE TRANSPLANT BUDDY PROGRAM" will be presented at the National Conference of Transplant Social Workers (I think) in October by our own Susan Gleason and Connie Jo Campbell. Susan and Connie put together information and slides throughout the summer months. The final version was sent to Atlanta just last week. They both are very excited to have this opportunity to share a great program, which they and others have been developing over the years, with peers all across the country. Many thanks go out to all volunteers and professionals who have brought us to this point. Make us proud in Atlanta Susan and Connie!!!

Transplant Buddy Foundation- Lots happening here too. Concerts and Quilts event at Libby Gardner Hall is tomorrow, 9/25/10. Volunteers and others have been gathering quilts and other handmade goods for auction and sale at the event. We have a full schedule of 5 recitals starting at 10am and lasting all day. More to come post event when the proceeds have been counted. Thanx to all involved.

More later...
Be good to each other,
  Tin Man

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It is with the greatest of sorrow...

We have lost one of our flock. Emily Roosevelt, post heart transplant patient from Park City, UT, has passed away. May we take solace in the great person she was, the spirit she carried and the privilege of having known her and her family. Please find detail at this link.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cardiac Transplant Gala

Cardiac Transplant Gala 2010

It was a packed house at the Little America Hotel in Downtown Salt Lake City on Saturday nite, 3/6/10. The reason, The Cardiac Transplant 25th Anniversary Gala. Patients, families, doctors, nurses and other important health care staff from the area hospitals mingled and reconnected. Stories were shared over a well prepared meal, new friends were made and several presentations were given. Among the highlites; nurses were recognized for their immense contribution to the transplant program, recipients were recognized including the first recipient transplanted in Utah and a moment of silence was observed for the donors. A great event for all involved and special thanks to our U of U coordinators, Shirley and Leann who were very involved in the organization and execution of the wonderful event.