Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Transplant Fund

The Transplant Buddy Group has added a new purpose to its mission. Fundraising! A "Transplant Fund", for lack of a better name, has been created as part of the University Hospital Foundation. Money raised will be applied to this account and granted to transplant patients/families who may be in need of additional funding to defray the many costs associated with the process. This could be for Meds, travel/lodging or a myriad of other obligations. The goal is to never have to turn a patient away due to lack of funds or insurance coverage.

Dickens Festival
Come one, Come all to the Annual Dickens Festival/Craft Fair!!
Why? The Transplant Buddy Group will have a booth offering many different home-made items for sale for TWO DAYS ONLY (11/20-11/21). All proceeds will go to the Transplant Fund in the University Hospital Foundation.
Where: Utah State Fairgrounds
When: 11/20 and 11/21

**If you can't make the festival but would like to make a direct donation, please do so with a check written to the University Hospital Foundation with "Solid Organ Transplant" in the memo space. Send to Michelle McCardell at the University Medical Center.